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At studiospace, we provide friendly and personalised photography services for all your needs. All our photographers have many years of experience.

Let us know your needs and requirements, we will try our very best to help you create a fun and unique experience for you, your friends and family members.

... and professional studio rental.

Accommodated Size
Our studio can comfortably accommodate:
■ Photography Session: up to 8 pax (excluding Organiser)
■ Videography Session: 4 - 6 pax (excluding Organiser)
■ Workshops/Courses: 10 - 15 pax (excluding Speaker/Trainer)

Our studio can accommodate all photography works.

It is located in a elusive part of the building as such it offers good acoustic and is quiet enough for video & audio live recording. In fact we have bookings from well-established local production companies who uses our studio for video productions and recordings.

Big open shooting area of W16-feet (width) x D38-feet (depth) x H19-feet (ceiling height) including a special high-point shooting angle for fashion photography needs. The length of the studio allow the used of a 85mm focal length portrait lens to capture a full-body composition based on the current digital crop factor of 1.5 - 1.6 times. The total size of the studio is ard 730 feet2 including the special high-point shooting angle.

Excellent comfort during your shooting session
The studio is cooled by 42,000 BTUs of industrial air-conditioning. The air-con can bring down the room temperature to comfort zone of 23℃ - 24℃ in mere 15 minutes. The studio also equipped with an attached toilet with hot-water bathing facilities and full toiletries. There are chairs, stools, high-chairs, cushions for your prop photography props and/or comfort.

Professional Equipment

Our studio photography equipment are well recognised brands used by professional photographers worldwide, this is to ensure that you get the best quality and studio experience.

We have a in-built AV system to bring up the mood and inspiration of both the photographer and the model during your shooting session.

Projector for workshops/courses conducted in the studio is also available upon request. We have integrated audio & visual wiring at strategic location in the studio for your convenience when a workshop is conducted.

We believe strongly in quality output. Being commercial photographers in the industry, we believe the right techniques in deploying and using the right equipment for each photography job is important.

Therefore we trust only the commercial recognised brands like Broncolor for lighting, Manfrotto for supports, Photoflex for reflectors, etc. and this believe has been the common goal in the admin group when we setup this studio.

To top it all, we are equipped with various kind of light modifiers as such we are sure the studio would be able to cater to almost all sorts of photography shoots and needs.

The following are the equipment equipped in the studio:

Photography Studio Lightings (Strobes)
■ 1x Broncolor Visatec Solo 3200B (~1200 Watts)
■ 4x Broncolor Visatec Solo 1600B (~640 Watts)
■ 1x Broncolor Visatec Logos 800 (~350 Watts)
■ 1x Broncolor Visatec Logos 400 (~170 Watts)

Light Modifiers & Shapers
■ 1x Visatec Soloflex 80cm X 160cm Softbox
■ 2x Visatec Soloflex 100cm X 100cm Softbox
■ 1x Photoflex Q39 Large 90cm X 120cm Softbox
■ 1x Visatec SoftLight Diffuser (Beauty Dish)
■ 1x Amvona 160cm x 35cm Strip Softbox w/grid
■ 2x Customised 30cm x 120cm Strip Softbox
■ 1x 40cm Globo Sphere Diffuser*
■ 1x Gobo Light Projector w/Shape Masks*

Other common light modifiers: Standard Reflectors, Barn-Door, Colour Gels, Diffuser Sheets, Snoot, Honeycomb, umbrella Diffuser/Reflective of all sorts are also available

Backgrounds & Backdrops
Seamless Coloured Background Paper by Savage:
■ Black
■ Super White
■ Cocoa
■ Studio Grey
■ Regal Blue
■ Orange
■ Chroma-Key Green

Reflectors & Diffusers
■ 2x Photoflex LitePanel XL Size, 60" x 72"
full-size human reflector panel

Light Measurement Meters & Triggers
■ Minolta Lightmeter V
■ Sekonic L-308s Lightmeter
■ Sync cord cable (~5m)
■ 8x Multi-Channel Radio Triggers (Freq. 2.4GHz)
■ 4x IR Triggers

Lighting Supports
■ 4x Manfrotto 256BUAC Air-lock Stands
■ 1x Manfrotto 298B Heavy-Duty Roller Stand
■ 3x Manfrotto 1052BAC Air-cushioned Compact Stands
■ 1x Manfrotto 001 Nano Stand
■ 1x Manfrotto 003 Backlight stand w/Centre Column
■ 1x Manfrotto 156BLB Mini-Low Stand for Backlight
■ 2x Manfrotto 098B Short-Wall Boom, mounted on wall
■ 1x Manfrotto Avenger D600 Boom with sandbag
■ 1x Manfrotto 161B MK1 Large-Studio Tripod
■ 1x Manfrotto 131DD Twin Tripod Head Support
■ 1x Manfrotto Avenger Grip Kit (C1575B/D200B/E600/D520B)
■ 1x Manfrotto 396B-3 3 Section Double Articulated Arm
■ 1x Manfrotto 468RC2 Hydro-static Ball Head
■ 1x Manfrotto 183 Projector Support
■ 3x Manfrotto 035 SuperClamps
■ 2x Manfrotto 042 Short Extension Arm with Spigot
■ 2x Manfrotto 172 Counter-weights
■ 4x Manfrotto 026 Umbrella Brackets
■ 1x Giotto Background/Backdrop support Kit

And many various special spigots and attachment accessories, etc. Please enquire for more details.

Studio opening hours

Mon - Sat : 9.30am - 9.30pm
Sun & PH : 10.00am - 7.00pm

For timings beyond the above, kindly email us for discussion.

  • For rental rates, please click on the banner below for more information.
    Studio Rental


    Our studio is opened for rental daily. Our normal operating hours is from 9.30am - 9.30pm for Monday to Saturday and 10.00am - 7.00pm on Sunday and Public Holidays. For bookings before or after our normal operating hours, there will be a 50% surcharge on top of the hourly rental rate.

    All prices are listed belowe and there will not be any hidden costs or extra charges. Lighting assistance (if required) will be provided Free-Of-Charge.

    Should you require any assistance during your studio session, please feel free to ask us during the session.

    If you have a photography job and in need of a studio space, do not hesitate to contact us. We are accommodating and can definitely work out a package designed specially to cater to your needs.

    Monday to
    Sunday Public Holiday
    Flat Rental Hourly Rate @S$45/hour
    9.30am - 9.30pm 10.00am - 7.00pm 10.00am - 7.00pm
    2-hours booking
    2-hours booking
    3-hours booking
    For renting our studio beyond the above timings, please contact us for more information.

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We have worked with more than 50 corporate clients and hundreds of individuals over the 9 years.

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